Hello, I’m Hang Li (李航), a researcher, curator and designer. My pronouns is she/her. 

keywords: RCA, UCL, curator
My research interests include institutional currents, curatorial theories and practices, global capitlaism, technopolitics, feminist theories, social justice, and structural and  infrastructural change. If you’re looking for a bio, I’ve pasted one below. Thanks for visiting!


Hang Li is a researcher, curator and designer based in London and Beijing. Her research focus is on the curatorial as regards network cultures, feminist theories and organisational approaches to social justice and structural change. 

Hang’s essays about online curating, institutional analysis and social justice are published in journals and books. She has curated several contemporary art events at institutions and organisations such as The Photographers’ Gallery, Royal College of Art and OPEN research initiative in London, Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta and Skelf, an experimental online art platform. 

She is a second-year PhD student and a visiting mentor in the School of Arts and Humanities at the Royal College of Art (RCA). She graduated from the Bartlett, University College London with an MArch in Architecture Design, which was followed by an MA in Curating Contemporary Art from the RCA. 


2019 - 2023 (expected)       PhD student at the School of Arts and Huminites, Royal College of Art 

This research examines the curatorial theories and practices emerging from the interplay between contemporary art and network cultures and technologies. It proposes to the situating of the curatorial theories and practices in the interlocking of social, political, economic and technological forces in the network society. The research presents the questions of, what are the standpoints, tensions and consequences of those curatorial theories and practices; and what are their implications for the way we understand contemporary art and the network society for now and in the near future?
2017-2019                                 MA Contemporary Art Curation, Royal College of Art (Distinction) . Thesis: Inter(face)action: Rethinking web-based curation as mediation

2015-2016                                Master of Architecture, Architectural Design, the Bartlett, University College London (Distinction in graduate design and thesis). Thesis: Folding and its continuity

2009-2014                               Bachelor of Architecture, Tianjin University, China

practices and awards

2020. 10 _ forthcoming
no-longer-being-able-to-be-ableSkelf    A project began from the impulsion of thinking about our unease in an over-saturate contemporary life. When the exceeding positivity and sensation have led us to exhaustion and nihilism, what are ways to respond to the seemingly endless pressure of production and achievement? How to discuss caring and resistance in an information-overload environment?

2020. 7 _ forthcoming
Sense-making for sharing sensibilities: Art, design and social change, within the programme In the Realm of the Senses in RCA Show2020    An event consists online studio visit and panel discussion as a part of the programme In the Realm of the Senses at RCA Show2020.

2020. 7 _ forthcoming
New Directions? Art Practice and the Covid Pandemic, Doctoral Training Programme, Royal College of Art   Researchers across all disciplines in the RCA are invited to reflect upon the changin conditions of our working environment affected by Covid-19 pandemic and the implication of this for work we produce as well as the opportunities and challenges this might bring. The event will include formal presentation, screening, performance and Q&A.
Co-organise with Dr Catherine Ferguson and Xiaoyi Nie

2020. 4
Guest speaker in CORONAvideoS ep 10, curated by Albert Figurt.

2019. 10 - 12    
Visiting mentor in Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art

2019. 7-2019.9
Emotional Practices     An online art project exploring how emotions shape our work, and how artists position the self emotionally in the process of art creations. Curated with four curators as Open Research Initiative, which draws on decolonial methods to explore how our world views translate.

Co-curated with 

2019. 9         
Re-staging For the Time Being
Video Vortex XII, Spazju Kreattiv, Valletta and the Institute of Network Cultures     A curatorial work showing the documentation, website and writings of For the Time Being. The aim was to host discussions around the approaches and challenges to curating, documenting and re-staging art in the networked cultures.

Co-curated with

2019 - now   
Private-tutoring undergraduate students in architecture theory and design

2019. 5          
For the Time Being, The Photographers’ Gallery, London    An experimental programme of photo-performance curated by six postgraduate students seeking to explore the shifting responsibilities of institutions in this networked age, as part of the MA Curating Contemporary Art Programme Graduate Projects at Royal College of Art, London.

Co-curated with

2018. 12      
Speaker in the Making Cultural Space Symposium, Central Saint Martin and Royal College of Art, London   

2018. 10           
Art Fair Assistant of Magician Space in Frieze, London

2018. 6
Hyundai Blue Prize (Shortlisted from the Initial Selection, 6/15)

2017. 12      
Speaker in the Value Conference, Central Saint Martin and Royal College of Art, London

2017. 3 -  5          
Research Assistant, Today Art Museum, Beijing

2016. 11 - 2017.1 
Architectural design exhibited in Meta Utopia - Between Process and Poetry Exhibition, Zaha Hadid Design Gallery, London

2015. 5 - 7          
Event Coordinator and Deputy Director’s Assistant, Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, Beijing

2014. 7 - 11          
Exhibition Assistant, Beijing Centre of Arts, Beijing and Position Architecture, Shenzhen

2013 - 2016          
Co-founder of Tianlurongchuang Media Association
Architectural publication, communication and events planning. Publications include New Concept: Urban Landscape (2013) and journal Urban, Architecture, Landscape.


Li, H., 2020. If There Still is a Point to Curating on Social Media, What Is It?, in: Lovink, G., Treske, A., Wilson, J. (Eds.), Video Vortex Reader III: Inside the YouTube Decade, INC Reader. Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, pp. 245–357.

Li, H., 2019. The decoloniality is just too on point for online curation at this moment, for art project Emotional Practices.

李航, 2020. 戒断,应激,文化断层?从COVID-19期间的艺术机构网络实践谈起. 美术馆 2.
文章委任于中央美术学院美术馆 (CAFAM) 的“疫情后的美术馆“研讨写作计划,并收录于北京大学视觉与图像研究中心 ( Center for Visual Studies CVS)

Guest speech:

‘Curating on the web, from net.art to the present’, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.

please email me if a comprehensive CV including more design and teaching experience is needed.

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