Hello, I’m Hang Li (李航), a researcher, curator and designer. My pronouns is she/her. 

keywords: RCA, UCL, curator
My research interests include institutional currents, curatorial theories and practices, global capitlaism, technopolitics, feminist theories, social justice, and structural and  infrastructural change. If you’re looking for a bio, I’ve pasted one below. Thanks for visiting!


Hang Li is a researcher, curator and designer based in London and Beijing. Her research focus is on the curatorial as regards network cultures, feminist theories and organisational approaches to social justice and structural change. 

Hang’s essays about online curating, institutional analysis and social justice are published in journals and books. She has curated several contemporary art events at institutions and organisations such as The Photographers’ Gallery, Royal College of Art and OPEN research initiative in London, Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta and Skelf, an experimental online art platform. 

She is a second-year PhD student and a visiting mentor in the School of Arts and Humanities at the Royal College of Art (RCA). She graduated from the Bartlett, University College London with an MArch in Architecture Design, which was followed by an MA in Curating Contemporary Art from the RCA.